Our Products

Colonial Bag Company is a manufacturer of multi-wall bags: Sewn Open Mouth (S.O.M.) and Pinch Bottom Open Mouth (P.B.O.M.); we distribute Pasted Valve Stepped End (P.V.S.E.) and Self-Opening Sacks (S.O.S.) multi-wall paper bags.

We also sell sand bags, closing machines, polypropylene and burlap bags. We offer fully computerized graphic design and flexo-graphic printing.

Sewn Open Mouth Styles

  • Oldest method of open mouth bagging
  • Good choice when
  • Low cost bag is needed
  • Product is free flowing
  • Product does not require high barrier level
  • Offers cost effective easy open with single thread
  • Typical end use product include:
  • Fertilizer
  • Animal Feed

Pinch Bottom Open Mouth Bag (PBOM)

  • Can be made airtight with heat sealed closure
  • Provides best sift resistance of any multiwall bag
  • Provides best and highest level of barrier protection
  • Has pre-applied hot melt that does not require additional closing materials
  • Requires precision closing operations
  • Typical end use include - Pet Foods, Pesticides, Herbicides, Specialty Fertilizers, Plastic Resins, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Flour, Sugar